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Getting to Know Dr. Sergio Oehninger

Sher Fertility Institute New York is proud to serve Spanish and English-speaking patients in Manhattan. Schedule a fertility appointment with Dr. Oehninger!

Getting to Know Dr. Cary Dicken

Dr. Dicken enjoys helping couples grow their families, and has a special interest and expertise in poor responders, diminished ovarian reserve, unexplained infertility, irregular periods, and repetitive IVF failure.

Hora de concebir-amistad: un giro de Acción de Gracias que te mereces … ¡Tómate un descanso!

Engulle, engulle. El Día de Acción de Gracias está a la vuelta de la esquina. ¿A quién no le encanta el pavo seco, los niños que gritan y las preguntas incesantes sobre cuándo vas a tener un bebé? Bromas aparte, el Día de Acción de Gracias puede ser una fiesta estresante para aquellos que intentan concebir. Si bien es maravilloso ver a la familia, lo más probable es que no te sientas muy agradecida por estar rodeada de pequeñas bellezas y las interminables sugerencias de “solo relájate, sucederá”.

TTC Friendsgiving – A Spin On Thanksgiving You Deserve…Take A Break!

Thanksgiving can be a stressful holiday for those trying to conceive. While it’s wonderful to see family, chances are you won’t feel very thankful about being surrounded by little cuties and well-meaning Aunt Jean’s endless “just relax, it’ll happen” suggestions.

Halloween is Hard

Waiting all those years for what came so easily to others was tough; the holidays made it even harder. This Halloween, don’t be afraid to try on the proverbial new hat, and you might just gain a whole new perspective.

Get To Know Dr. Dicken

As a true champion of women’s health, Dr. Dicken is the Associate Medical Director here at Sher Fertility Institute New York .

Get To Know Sergio Oehninger, MD, PhD

Dr. Sergio C. Oehninger comes to Sher Fertility Institute New York as a reproductive endocrinology & infertility specialist who has been practicing for over three decades and brings with him a warm, compassionate and professional approach to his philosophy of interacting with his patients.