From the moment you walk into our state-of-the-art fertility clinic located on Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, you’ll feel the warmth and compassion that will define your experience at our New York IVF clinic. Drew Tortoriello, MD serves as Medical Director of Sher Fertility Institute New York.  Dr. Tortoriello is a board certified Reproductive Endocrinologist that joined Sher Fertility Institute in 2007 from the Columbia University Medical Center. He has over 10 years of clinical and academic experience in the field of infertility and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Dr. Tortoriello is an outstanding fertility specialist that you will find to be caring, compassionate and personable. Joining Dr. Tortoriello is Dr. Sergio Oehninger with many years of experience in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology and Dr. Cary L. Dicken  from Columbia University Center for Women’s Reproductive Care and is a long-time colleagues of Dr. Tortoriello.

When you receive fertility treatment at our New York City infertility clinic, each doctor will participate with hands-on management of your case throughout your treatment. We pride ourselves on an individualized problem solving approach, coupled with compassionate care and awareness of the emotional struggles that accompany infertility. Sher Fertility Institute New York has quickly become the center to turn to when all other options have failed and patients are searching for hope and fresh alternatives to their treatment.

At Sher Fertility Institute New York, we are very proud of our reputation of being on the leading edge of emerging reproductive technology. In fact, along with our colleagues at other SIRM centers, we have pioneered many medical breakthrough techniques, the most recent and exciting of which include:

1. Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH) for embryo selection

2. Donor egg banking

3. Fertility preservation (FP) and Fertility Rescue (FR)

Experience the difference at our New  York IVF clinic; see why Sher Fertility New York is a top fertility center in Manhattan.  Request your appointment with a specialist today!